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AEG understands the importance of uniform brand messaging and how to deliver effective nonprofit and association marketing.   Our graphics team has worked with organizational and corporate standards, including national and international non-profits, as well as Fortune 500 companies, and is well-versed in compliance.

Through AEG ’s sister agency, Harris Marketing Group, we are able to provide your association with more than 30 years of experience in creating and executing full-service marketing plans, digital membership drives and organizational awareness. Our marketing team has extensive experience creating and managing digital advertising platforms, social media and email marketing, and pay-per-click campaigns, as well as the latest in traditional marketing tactics, such as organic and paid search engine results, direct mail, and more.

Marketing is an investment, and AEG knows that you need to see a return on that investment.  If your association chooses to invest in marketing, we provide customized reports on all marketing activity, at the frequency most convenient for each client.  One of the many benefits of having a sister marketing agency is our advanced knowledge of different marketing tactics and metrics.  Our marketing team will be able to not only provide data metrics, but also make recommendations for improvement based on their analysis of that data.  Data reports can include Google Analytics, email engagement reports, social media analytics and any digital marketing reporting and conversion rates.


Today all marketing campaigns incorporate a strong online strategy.  We can develop integrated programs designed to drive traffic to your website including eBlasts, PPC, SEO, banner ads, remarketing, public relations, website landing pages, micro-sites and more.

Get the word out and build membership with targeted marketing campaigns.  Whether you are targeting a particular demographic or a geographic area or vertical market, direct marketing can be highly effective.  We utilize an integrated push marketing approach including direct mail, email, online micro campaigns, trade shows, call campaigns and more.

AEG will plan, produce and implement a strategic, cost-effective advertising, direct marketing or electronic marketing campaign to increase awareness of your organization, its events or initiatives.   Also rely on us for demonstrated expertise in strategic public relations, publicity, community affairs, government affairs, media relations and special events planning including feature articles, press releases, media events, corporate announcements and trade show relations.

AEG can design an online marketing program that includes development and management of the social networks most relevant to your organization and its membership.   We know how to create value for your online audience, while improving customer loyalty, by providing nt connection to your organization.


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