Association Administration

Headquarters Oversight, Administrative Support and Back Office Management

We strive to provide members, sponsors, and vendors with with top-notch service. Procedures will be put in place to provide administrative support and handle every aspect of the organization’s day-to-day operations effectively and efficiently. We believe in the personal touch and make every attempt to answer all calls during regular business hours so inquiries can be addressed as soon as possible.

AEG maintains strict standards for records management – both paper and electronic records with a rigorous offsite backup and hosting programs. We put in place policies and procedures for all organizations we manage, including schedules and programming for databases, printing, etc.

Weekly administration meetings keep everything up-to-date and on task. We realize that efficiency in the daily administrative duties allows the organization to reallocate funds and resources to areas that can add member value and ultimately bring in more organizational revenue.

  • Organizational minutes and association documentation
  • Detailed electronic and paper file management
  • 501c(3) status coordination
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • Phone answering service, email and onsite conference room
  • Storage and material management
  • Member mailings