Certification / Education

Education, Certification and Accreditation Management

AEG’s certification department is highly experienced in developing, expanding and managing certification, educational, and accreditation programs. Our team of certification professionals process requests, payments, and troubleshoot questions via phone, email, and mail in collaboration with the goals of the your certification committee. Our fully-integrated technology and databases may be used to store credits and process online submissions.

AEG will process documents to check for accuracy and compliance within your organization’s certification standards. After our office receives submissions, they are individually reviewed and entered into your member database so that members can view their credits within their online member profile.

In addition to entering credits into our member databases, we may also create and process printed certificates for members. We are also available during regular business hours to answer questions from members and committees. Our staff is dedicated to help your members receive, maintain, and renew their certifications. AEG may also work with you to develop custom online automation for education, testing, certificates, credits management, review and approval processes.

We will work with you to create a custom solution that is within your budget and needs and can implement what is needed to grow certification sustainability and organizational accreditation.


  • Educational program development
  • Electronic and print materials production
  • Certification management and distribution
  • Program promotion and participation
  • Professional accreditation compliance
  • Online webinar training

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