Talented AMC Offers Efficient, High-End Results

AEG, a fully-integrated association management company provides organizations with complete on-site headquarter operations or assistance in specific association service areas.  AEG, combined with our sister company, Harris Marketing Group (HMG) has been in business for more than 30 years and our top personnel bring more than 100 years of combined experience in nonprofit association management.  

We provide effective teamwork and a shared client focus, which are key to delivering quality association management solutions – on time and on budget.  We don’t believe in overpriced work or an over-staffed business hierarchy that burdens clients with unnecessary costs. Value and results are our utmost priority.


We take association governance seriously and implement creativity, proven processes and advanced technology to build sustainable association management infrastructures.  Through efficiency, productivity, and proven
cost management, we increase organizational performance and growth, while maximizing member value.


In addition to full-service management, you can rely on our AMC for outsourced services, including website development and maintenance, membership management, education and certification, and more. Drawing on our years of association and non-profit management experience, will ensure that you have a tailored solution.


It takes experience and resources to sustain a top-performing organization. Membership development, educational programs, organizational promotion and administrative management are only a few of the association service areas we bring to support your organization. Whether you need a full-service management company or to augment your internal resources, we have a full array of services and talent to do so.  Please see below for additional association services and benefits:

  • Efficient operational standards
  • Highly talented web and online marketing team
  • Membership services
  • Conference management planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Sponsorship and exhibitor management
  • Accounting
  • Award-winning creative team
  • In-house seasoned publication staff
  • Three staff writers / publishing professionals
  • Decades of marketing and membership development expertise
  • Experienced nonprofit on-site and virtual event management – designed to bring in revenue to the organization


AEG is fully accredited by AMCI (Association Management Company Institute) and, as an accredited entity, must uphold standards, best practices and approved organizational structures.  The accreditation illustrates our expertise and commitment to implementing best practices by continually enhancing internal service delivery methods and operating principals. Our audits for accreditation validate that we ensure that our approach and oversight follow all standards in terms of ethics, training, policy and financial due diligence. 

Realize your organization’s mission, strategic vision and member value proposition supported by our experienced association management company. Learn more.

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